The Proof Slack is currently invite-only. We are developing strategies and tools to promote openness while limiting the effectiveness of malicious phishing attempts in forums such as this. If you don't know one of the 1,200 slackers of Proof, consider our Telegram, where phishing is not as much a problem: here
Our slack channel is called Proof Productivism. This is the official slack group of Proof.

Productivism has has gotten a bad rap over the years because of its perceived inherent unsustainability. If the purpose of human work is solely to produce economic growth, some say that the arts (from lack of societal reverence) and the planet (from over-production) will suffer.

However, in today's world, artificial intelligence is replacing jobs from writing to driving to cooking at a rapid pace. This pace is almost as rapid as widening wealth inequality gaps around the world over the past 50 years. With fewer job opportunities and capital controlled by smaller segments across various societies, new ways of driving economic prosperity across the world are needed.

We created Proof to allow anyone, anywhere with any amount of capital to purchase pieces of assets (like real estate and other means of production) once reserved for high net-worth individuals and large institutions. By lowering the barriers of entry into the financial markets through blockchain technology, we see a variety of benefits such as

  • More efficient valuation methodologies in real estate and infrastructure projects
  • Less centralized and more secure digital banking solutions for consumers
  • Next generation retirement plans in the age of the digital nomads in the gig economy
  • Better marketplaces where large financial institutions and everyday people can come together with enhanced transparency across asset classes.

We are developing proof of sustainable productivism, driven by the belief that democratizing ownership will provide the incentives for communities to improve their own sustainability processes to protect their long-term value and investment return. This is the alternative to relying on a few folks far away to care about and look after various local communities' long-term interests and processes of sustainability.

We welcome you: early adopters, partners and friends. In our slack, we discuss new ideas for how blockchain can revolutionize the way we do business, how Proof can improve as a platform to support new kinds of opportunities brought about by blockchain tech, and connect innovators as we usher in the next generation of finance.